Decimal is an Australian based company with global ambition.

Mark Potts - Non-Executive Chairman

Mark has led a distinguished 25-year career in Australia and the US, working with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), Ajilon, Growth Equities Mutual and Sealcorp, as well as founding a number of successful start-ups and working with venture capital companies.

He has held executive positions at several international consulting companies and has managed IPOs, sales and acquisitions, and go-to-market strategies for numerous companies.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Brookes University in Oxford, UK and was the founder and chief technology officer for Talking Blocks, which HP acquired in 2003.

Gary Cox - Non-Executive Director

Gary has had a highly successful and diverse career in business. He has had substantial experience in the IT sector, particularly in building his own IT recruitment business which was ultimately sold to one of the world’s largest IT recruitment firms, Adecco. During his time in this business Gary gained considerable insight into the IT sector and brings experience in structure, costs and revenue models relevant to the IT industry. He was General Manager for Optus in WA and oversaw its successful start-up and launch for four years. More recently he has built a successful business which he is in the process of divesting.

Pauline Vamos - Non-Executor Director

Pauline is a high profile expert in all aspects of the superannuation industry and has deep knowledge and experience in regulation, governance and financial advice in Australia and overseas. Pauline has been on all sides of the financial services fence and has a reputation for her integrity as well as her skills in stakeholder management, strategy and public policy development. Pauline spent 9 years as CEO of ASFA the peak body for superannuation.

Jan Kolbusz - Non-Executive Director

Jan was appointed as Executive Director on 11 April 2014 and was the original founder of the Decimal business. He was formerly the Director, Technology and Operations of Asgard. Over a 9-year period Jan spanned the era of Asgard pioneering portfolio administration platforms, then drove further innovation and profitability after the successful acquisition by St George Bank. Jan was also a Director of Consulting at Ernst & Young and worked for US based Baxter Healthcare. He began his career working across a variety of technical and management roles on large-scale IBM platforms.

Jan is a Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors and has a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science and a Masters in Information Systems.

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