Everything Real-time

Everything Real-time

Decimal has been designed from the ground up, without any legacy influences, for a world where the consumer expectations around advice, adviser roles and the delivery of the customer experience have all risen to whole new levels. Customers expect personally relevant advice and ongoing engagement to be delivered in real-time. To meet these expectations Advisers also require highly efficient and effective real-time end to end processes with seamless regulatory and compliance support.

Activate Instantly

As a Financial Planner, you can, for the first time, activate everything you need online. Using Decimal's Get Started screen complete the details and an automatic verification email will be sent to complete the login process. There is no software to download or install. Get started with free access for 30 days. After experiencing Decimal, enjoy a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time.

Quick and easy online configuration

Everything you need to start generating profitable growth is provided as soon as you activate. Ready to use features, such as SOAs, summary decks, reverse fact finds, needs analysis, risk profile questionnaires, and sample recommended portfolios, are all preconfigured, meaning you can experience Decimal immediately. Configuring the system to support your licensee and business processes is no longer a technical exercise. With an always free system configuration login, making your own configuration changes is point and click.

Decimal is not just software

Our real-time technology is designed ground-up to create new rewarding relationships and transform existing ones.

Love your referral relationships

Remove all the overheads with referral partner relationships. You and they access CRM workflow to track every stage of referring, engaging, servicing and reporting.

Connect with clients daily

Give your clients a login that connects them to you in real-time. They can see their progress online, explore more and keep personal details up to date for you.

Supporting licensees 

Sleep soundly knowing licensee obligations have been baked in and kept fresh. Both adviser and licensee have the level of real-time access and control that works.

Value your para-planners

Only burden your para-planners with your most complex SOAs. You and they share same real-time CRM workflow to capture the SOA inputs and outputs and together track progress.

Let your data providers in

Your advice is only as good as the data you have. Data on products, portfolios, preferences, anything, will only keep growing and we will keep feeding and forwarding it for you.

Respond to regulators

We don’t just apply regulation changes on your behalf automatically. We make sure you can demonstrate to your clients the impact of one regulation over another.

Subscribe to a new relationship with your technology provider

We continuously release automatically new ways of helping you profitably grow. We keep adding additional advice topics and challenge old ways of doing things. Take what you want when you want it.

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At Decimal we are passionate about innovation, and are steadfast in our belief that pioneering solutions are the key to unlocking the full potential of your business.

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Decimal specialises in innovative and transformational digital solutions for the financial services industry. We help businesses provide engaging digital customer experiences while achieving new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and compliance.

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