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The future of Financial
Services …today

World's first frictionless, cloud based platform offering customer driven advice and fulfillment anywhere, any time.

Only Seamless end-to-end solution

Decimal maximises your conversion rates and ongoing retention of new clients by providing the only seamless end-to-end solution that helps manage every step from finding new customers, to servicing them, all the way through to execution.

Unparalleled customer experience

Our patented profiling tools leverage the power of big data to enable a truly intuitive customer experience. Combined with superior design and easy navigation you can engage your customers like never before.

Only patented cloud based solution

The only patented cloud solution ensures you and your customers access the most up to date information anywhere, anytime.

First in-built Compliance

The first personal financial advice platform to automatically capture and track every customer and advisor activity. This allows authorised compliance and regulatory officers to monitor in real-time. Cloud based means compliance updates are instantaneous, enterprise wide.

Most configurable system in market

The option to choose how you configure every aspect of your customers' experience, without losing any of the benefits of the world’s most advanced financial services platform. Real-time configuration from workflow to customer communication to product choices and advice strategies.

Enterprise wide omni-channel capability

A true enterprise wide omni-channel capability, allowing real time easy switching across your service channels such as online, phone, face to face, and social.

Industry leading security, recoverability, & scalability

Industry-leading encryption, security level, hot-site cutover and perpetual penetration testing through proprietary, AWS in-country and select tools.

Easy integration

Our comprehensive API library ensures ease of connection to your underlying transaction and portfolio administration systems, regardless of age.