new world financial planning software

Productivity anywhere, anytime.

Safely accessible from your mobile, tablet or PC. Collaborate with your colleagues and business partners in new ways and in real-time. Become more accessible and convenient for your clients and prospects. See our solutions.

CRM & Workflow.

Powerful private cloud based CRM with a fully integrated workflow and the ability to access your client data, anywhere and anytime. No downloads, just great features to grow your business, manage risk and tackle compliance.  Learn more.

Grow your business to new heights.

Engage your clients and prospects more effectively and more efficiently than ever before. Designed ‘ground up’ for digital - service, marketing and practice management. Including fully integrated client lifecycle management, compliance proof workflow and game changing real-time smart triage. Learn more

Embrace change while maintaining compliance.

Create better financial futures while navigating financial reforms and managing your own business growth. Easily manage and implement group-wide policies and practices centrally and instantly across your business or dealer group.

100% Cloud. Banish IT complexity and cost.

Secure, compliant, scalable and always the latest version with no need to ever purchase or install hardware or software.Powerful, easy to use functionality, instantly and always available.

Easy to use. Hard to fault.

Your clients won’t need training and neither will you. Intuitive and easy to use consoles provide clients and advisors tailored access to an array of features, functionality, products and services. The result is a truly remarkable customer experience and a step change in productivity.

Lower your administrative costs.

Reduce time consuming manual workarounds, data re-entry and the need for unwieldy spreadsheets. Patented workflow and automation functionality will change the way you work, for good. See how our innovations can help you.

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At Decimal we are passionate about innovation, and are steadfast in our belief that pioneering solutions are the key to unlocking the full potential of your business.

Adding a new client. Its easy.

Access instant drill down reports.

Tackle compliance.

Customise your SoA.

Decimal specialises in innovative and transformational digital solutions for the financial services industry. We help businesses provide engaging digital customer experiences while achieving new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and compliance.

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